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Pitching Made Easy-ish: The 4 Building Blocks of a Successful Pitch

In order to have a successful business (and to raise money), you absolutely and unequivocally need to have a great pitch.

Below I will share with you the 4 building blocks of a successful pitch. Authenticity is the first building block of a successful pitch. Answer these questions: What sets your product or brand apart from the rest? Are you solving a problem? If so, how is your solution or delivery different or better than what's currently out there? Once you answer those questions, give it a voice by telling your story...a unique voice, but with a message that draw others in. This is called the Hook. This is where you get others to agree and feel your pain, and in effect, it's where you let them know you feel theirs. Like in music, a hook is catchy and gets the audience to nod their heads in agreement, the same is the goal for a pitch. Ex: Have you ever been running and a song comes on you want to change but you can't reach your phone? How about when you're in the gym and your grip slips, causing your phone to plummet to the ground, and in that moment you feel a tinge of horror and frustration knowing you may have just broken your coveted device? Well this was once me too. Do you see what I did there? How many of you could relate? How many of you said, "Yes! That has happened to me! I knew I shouldn't have held my phone but I HATE my stupid armband," although there was no mention of an armband. This is what a good hook does. It turns complete strangers into an instant member of the same "tribe" because you've all been there...wherever there is. Next up, you Offer A Solution. Ex: I thought to myself, there has to be a better way...and that way, is Mobile Grip Gear. We make a high performance training glove with a case attached to the back that holds your phone. So no more hard to reach armbands, bulky fanny packs or deadly mishaps when you run, lift or cycle. Mobile Grip Gear leads with the common sense approach that access is actually important. BOOM! How's that for a solution. Clear and concise, yet it paints a vivid picture that continues off of the hook. And last but not least, you need a Call To Action. What's the point in doing all of this if you don't close the sale with an ask. Ex: So to all those armband losers and fanny pack snoozers that are still a little skeptical about making the switch...well to them we simply say, Get A Grip. As you see, call to actions can be both direct and indirect. The one above is indirect, but it leaves your audience wanting to "get a grip" by buying the product. It's also a catchy slogan for my glove company and it has worked wonders for pitch competitions and in front of investors. A more direct call to action would be, "You can get your xxxx at xxxxxx today for xxxxx. Don't miss out!" or if you're doing B2B then, "Close this deal today and you will save xxxx." SN: Although my Toastmaster would crucify me for using "So" several times in a pitch, what makes a pitch great is the rawness of using your every day vernacular. Don't over polish your pitch. Be you. Those are the 4 building blocks to a successful pitch. Here's a recap of each one below: 1. Authenticity - Find your voice, what makes you unique. 2. Hook - Tell your story in a way that draws others in. 3. Offer A Solution - You've identified their problem, they're paying attention, now alleviate their pain with a solution. 4. Call To Action - Tell them what to do. <--- Don't skip this step.

You all should be well on your way to pitching yourself to greatness!

Also sharing is caring, so share this post with your friends. :-)

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